On track to raise 100 million dollars for charities!


The COUNTRY'S premiere full-service auctioneer.  With over 100 events a year, John has the skill, experience, and attitude to make you 12%-18% more than anyone out there.





Does your auctioneer do this ?

John holds up 3,000 dollars in ten dollar bills and makes a bet with anyone in the audience.  


(What he bets with his own money, makes you more money)

* John has only lost only once! (ouch)




How about this?

John can resell a raffle ticket for 10 times its original price. 



Fun fact : when selling 40 items or more John Curley will burn

1200 calories.  

John has an app that will increase engagement and bids at your auction!

No matter the auction John brings the energy

Make this the year you exceed your goals, entertain your guests, and book the auctioneer that everyone is talking about


What people say


No one has more energy and drive to get you every dollar in the room.”
— Karen Moyer, Moyer Foundation
Curley is the master entertainer!”
— Edmonds Center Performing Arts
John is the greatest charity auctioneer we have ever seen .”
— Kay Lloyd, Jimmy V Foundation
We change our dates just so we can book him every year.”
— Kings School

There’s a reason John consistently out-performs other auctioneers by 12-18%.  Through utilizing areas of your auction previously overlooked, John delivers outcomes greater than you could have anticipated.

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John services auctions and events world wide!